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ThE gReAtEsT tHiNg YoU cOuLd LeArN

Is To LoVe AnD bE lOvEd In ReTuRn

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I ♥ me and my life
If you dont, then why are U on my profile mutha'fucka
My bestie is Autumn Thrope, she's my bish



1 Cor.13:3

3rd sign to me
a perfect circle, ac/dc, acid, aerosmith, afi, ale8, alkaline trio, alternative metal, ammo, angels, angels dust, artwork, beastie boys, black, black crow, blink 182, blow, blunts, bongs, bowling for soup, bowls, candy, candy necklaces, cards, cars, catch22, cigs, comedy, danzig, dark lotus, def leppard, dice, drag racers, drag racing, driving, faster pussycat, fires, gambling, glitter, glow sticks, godsmack, golden earring, grateful dead, greenbeans, grunge, guitar players, gummy bears, guns, guns n roses, half baked, hank williams jr., hard core, head shops, heavy metal, hell, hellogoodbye, heroin, him, hoodies, hot chip, icp, iggy pop, ipod, jack daniels, jelly belly beans, jim bean, jimi hendericks, johnny walker, judas prist, kentucky, kissing, kitty, lacuna coil, lamb of god, lava lamps, led zepplin, lighters, liqour, lynard skynard, mcr, me!, metallica, msi, mudvayne, mushrooms, music, my cell phone, my piercings, mythology, nirvana, orange, ozzy, painkillers, pantera, parting, pills, pipes, pixie sticks, playing guitar, poison, poker, pot, puddle of mudd, pulp fiction, punk, purses, rain, rancid, raves, razorblades, red hot chili peppers, reefer, rob zombie, rock n roll, say anything, shiny things, shooting, shrooms, slipknot, smiles, smokey and the bandit, socks, stickers, sublime, sum 41, ted nugent, tegan and sara, the beach, the clash, the distillers, the dukes of hazzard, the killers, the misfits, the painkillers, the ramones, the sex pistols, the strokes, the used, the white stripes, tom petty, twisted, velvet revolver, vodka, weed, white, wolf parade, writing